We're ecstatic that the amount of Re'Collier fans grows each day, our collars and leashes become very popular. So there are always questions about leather accessories storage and care.

    Corrected grain leather

    The main type of leather in Re'Collier accessories is corrected grain leather. We use it to create Kernel collection. Features of corrected grain leather:
    • Non-water repellent but has low absorbency. In this case, patent leather has maximum protection.
    • More resistant to mechanical damage like scratches, especially patent leather.

    But still, it needs to be taken care of. Storage and care:

    1. Products manufactured from full-grain vegetable leather need to be stored in dark places.
    2. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading and loss of color.
    3. Do not store in tight spaces to avoid deformational damage.
    4. Use only cotton cloth to clean the product up if needed.
    5. Avoid any contact with water, sharp or hard objects, and chemicals:
    • acids
    • oils
    • solvents
    • gasoline
    • shoe polishers

    NOTE! Pay attention to suede lining. To clean the suede, you may use a synthetic brush and a special cleanser. We recommend not use much cleaning substances to avoid draining through the suede and moisturizing the leather from the inside.