The First Giveaway!

How about two collars from Re'Collier?

Yes, you heard it right! We decided to make our first giveaway. And treat you in the best way possible at the moment - we are giving away two collars: one for you, and one for your friend. 

The conditions are simple:

  • like the giveaway and 2 previous posts (the simple part)

  • make sure you are subscribed to @recolliercom (even more simple)

  • tag your friend in the comments (he will get a second collar in the comments)

  • share this post, tag us and tell about your pet and what collar would you like to get!

N.B. It is important not just to share a post in your stories, but to tag @recolliercom so we could see and prove the repost.

That's it! Yes, this simple!

What about the timing?

All the entries must be received before the winner selection. The winner will be selected randomly via Lizaonair at 8:00 PST on the 25th of November and notified via DM no later than 27th.

Together with the winner we will chose a perfect collar for his and for his friend's pet. Then manufacture and ship it to the winner.

Stay tuned, because we will announce the winner in our stories!
+ we have so much more for you and your pets lately!


We can really win 2 collars?

Yes, one collar for you and your pet. Another one - to be shared and presented to a friend!

Can I chose a collar if i win?

Absolutely! We will need to know the dog breed, and the neck measurements. Also we will tell you if we have something in stock - and it may be shipped immediately.

What collar collections are available to chose from?

Kernel, Velvet and Bubblegum - all the collar collections we have. Chose any, if it fits your pet. (Some collars, like Duo are unable to fit chihuahuas for example)

How many comments can I leave?

As many as you wish. absolutely no limitations.

Will I pay for shipping?

No, the shipment is free. It is a prize, not the order!